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Rotating canvas rotates brush size controls…

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Sorry not sure if this an intended consequence of rotating the canvas or not but got me a bit confused when it happened.

When you rotate the canvas then use the CTRL-ALT key command to drag and make your brushes larger / smaller - harder / softer then say you've rotated the canvas 90º the CTRL-ALT and drag now works in the opposite way to normal.

I actually prefer the way it ends up being with up and down controlling the size of the brush and left to right controlling the opacity as it feels more intuitive to me. Guess it's the size thing of dragging up makes it larger. Would love it if there were a setting to do this?

However along with the setting (if we were to ever get one ;-) ) I 'think' that it possibly shouldn't change just because you've rotated the canvas?

Best wishes,


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No problem. Thanks for noting it. 

Any chance of a setting to change the up/down to be brush size instead though? :10_wink:

Just seems so much more intuitive that way. Before I found the bug (hadn't been doing much canvas rotation before that) I was always getting confused with which way to drag. After the bug happened it was just totally intuitive to drag in that way. 

Is there anywhere we can plead for additions to the App? :10_wink:

Thanks again,


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