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Smudge tool - Is it a BUG? [AP/AD]

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Currently i'm trying to convert all of my PS brushes into affinity ones (they requires a lot of tweakings to work the same way they did in PS) 
During setting up my SMUDGE TOOL i noticed that i cant set the strength to the level i need it to be as default (there is no such option to change it in brush settings)

Because of that every time i want to use my smudge tool i need to set the strength first (to the level it needs to be to work like in PS)
Currently the strength is ALWAYS set to 50%

Is there any way to change the default value to e.g. 30% ? 
I feel like there was this kind of setting in brush settings a while ago(?) 

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Hi Vofyn :)

Unfortunately I don't believe it's currently possible to save a default Strength value, currently it will always default to 50%. I'll move this thread to our Feedback section of our forums for our devs to see and consider implementing this option in the future!

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