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simon bd

Small Request for Designer’s Brushes Palette

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Here’s two small things that could improve Designer’s Brushes Palette.

But first, thank you so much for your wonderful collection of paint brushes, they are great! I added the DAUB collection and I have so many now that I easily get lost. I want to try each brush individually to see how it paints. Then, when I find the right one, I don’t remember which one it was that I picked; so I need to try a few brushes again and when I find it back, to carefully take its name down.

  • It would be great if the palette could highlight the selected brush somehow. Currently, when you select a brush, there’s nothing to remind you which one it is. The brush preview helps, but in the end they all kind of look the same.

The next day, I start a new session and I want to use the same brush. I know its name now, but it’s like searching a needle in a haystack, going down the list and waiting for the tool tips to appear.

  • It would definitely help if the user could choose to display the Brushes Palette list by name. If there’s a way, I didn’t see it.

That’s it! Thanks again for this great software.




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I also learned very quickly to fall in love with Affinity and wish that they implement both your suggestions. 
It just saddens me that these exact same requests can be found in posts from 2016..

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