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I am a web developer and I am use to create my mockups in photoshop.  I need to create a grid pattern based in the bootstrap grid system, where the columns are 81px wide with a gap of 31px in between.  I have created this pattern already.

Now I need to create the baseline patterns.  It is any way I can create a line, or a shape, or a layer, to repeat systematically from top to bottom? 

The lines has to be 27px apart from each other. I attached a screenshot and you will see a very thin and dark line that has to repeat all the way down every 27px. And the question once again; It is a way I can create an auto repeat pattern?



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Hi and welcome here …  :)


You could create the line and use the Power Duplicate feature as detailed here:



A very handy feature for repetitions … and don’t forget that the new Betas have a really advanced Grid and Axis Manager written by Ben … see below for a screen shot.


Hope that helps,



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Hi gilbertodiaz,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

The short answer is no, there's no way to create an auto repeat pattern other then using the grid system or building it in a semi-automated way as A_B_C suggested. Using a bitmap pattern to fill a rectangle covering the whole area (like some are doing in Photoshop) will not work here because we can't set the pattern to 1:1 scale yet.


Ben is still working on the grid and snapping system, but i'm not sure if he's considering adding a baseline option. That would probably be the best option. I will raise this with him.

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