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Hi Roeggelchen,

Welcome to Affinity Forums!

When reporting issues can you please be more descriptive about the problem please. For example what is your screenshot trying to illustrate other than 'Black is not Black'? The first dialog is correct and the CMYK values are what you would get for RGB Black (otherwise known as True Black).

The second screenshot is a little strange is is not what I'm getting when dragging the colour to the bottom right. I get the correct value of just K: 100. Also the Waterfall on the dialog looks a little too bright. What document type are you using, what is your document colour profile. How are you selecting those colours? Please be as descriptive about your issue and how you are getting the values and what your expectations are!

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Hi Sean

OK. Next time I'll be more descriptive.

I tried to do some fire with smoke brushes on a black background. But I didn't get the tutorial result.
Then I realized that the dark mode color of my screen was "black" but the background layer didn't. (screenshot - right pixel layer)1843987158_Bildschirmfoto2019-08-17um11_49_46.thumb.png.9f87fee4376f367842705bb4d028e23e.png

So I thought it had something to do with the RGB settings. When I moved the CMYK slider to 100% the problem was gone - displayed in the first post.

I guess my general settings were "print" but I'm not sure. Sorry.

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