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I love painting digitaly. 
AffinityPhoto is AWESOME alternative to photoshop for us - digital artists. 

The only feature we need now is built-in screen recording/stroke recording. 
There are tons of artists heading towards ipad apps (procreate/artstudio pro) JUST for that feature.

You can say, that we can use 3rd party screen capture program but this is simply not the case. 
In procreate there is STROKE recorording - that means, if you took 30 min break during the painting  - it won't be recorded.  
In procreate 10 hours of painting is compressed to like 10 mins because of that.
The process of painting and posting video on yt/ig is so much easier because of that.

Painting in affinity photo means that i have to record 10 hours of video, go through this in other program and cut out all the breaks from it.
Also i have to be sure i didnt record anything that i didnt want to be recorded. 

Also, i think its THE BEST advertisement you can get. Procreate got popular, because people were posting their artworks with timelapses on youtube/instagram and others were curious what was the app.
Beside that, this would be THE FIRST proffesional app for desktop with this kind of feature. 
It would be crazy easy to advertise that in artist community.

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Yep would love something like this too. Currently using ScreenFlow which works admirably well on my old spec Mac Pro (2011) but something like that would seriously bring down the power / hard-drive space / editing requirement.


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I wonder if something like this could leverage the undo history that can be saved with a document?

Simulate doing an "undo" back to some past point in the history of the document to produce the first "frame" then "redo" one step at a time for each new frame?

It looks like Procreate might actually be doing something similar: https://procreate.art/discussions/3/6/27060

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@fde101 - exactly! I would be totally ok with AP saving brush history. Then id just turn on my 3rd party screen recording and REDO all of my actions. It doesn't even have to record it as video as procreate do (even though it would be very convenient) 
I would switch ASAP to any painting program that offers this kind of functionality. 

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2 hours ago, Vofyn said:

@Hilltop - didnt know that! Ill definitely check this! 

Other than that it would be awesome to have this kind of recording built in. :)

But it is built in. You only have to select it as the desired option. You may not want to save the history of all the designs you're working on. Don't forget that indefinitely saving a document's history can really balloon the file size. 

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I think like you do about this. I turn my drawings into videos with a screen recorder and post them on my Youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/c/serdarduran). I have to Montage for hours before publishing. Notifications are particularly annoying. Sometimes the screen recording is interrupted without realizing it and my hours are wasted. I'm trying to find an alternative method. If you know, I will be glad if you share.

Good work.

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