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Hello world,

I seem unable to place page content in between the elements of the master Page, i.e. have some Master Page layer always on top of Page elements/layers, and other Master Page layer always below Page elements/layers.

This is easily achieved in e.g. InDesign (and Scribus for that matter), so I am curious whether I am doing something utterly wrong or whether this is a missing feature (which I hereby request).



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1 hour ago, MickRose said:

You could create 2 master pages. apply both to page. Then just move the layers.





I was not aware of this, maybe I skipped this in the documentation (TLDR'd over it).

And my brain obviously is still too much hard-wired to think how "old" Publishing Apps work (a long legacy of InDesign and a short detour to Scribus here) …


Will immediately give it a try.

Thanks for the help!


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