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align a text to a path - normale reading direction?

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please excuse my bad English.

i want to align a text to a path, but not like number 1 on the picture, but like number 2.

the text should be aligned normally in reading direction.
is that possible somehow?


I mean that :-)



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Which Affinity app are you using or which apps do you have?

Affinity does not have a vertical text option at this time so this workaround is a bit Heath Robinson.

In any Affinity app

  1. Add the text to a curve  (Issue: Because the text is on a curve the transform on each object when converted to a curve will be slightly different so rotating will not be even/ in sync)
  2. Adjust the text tracking to about 200 -250% depending on the font.
  3. Convert Text to curves and ungroup. 
  4. Select Move tool and select Transform Objects Separately. 
  5. Rotate selected Object and all the others will transform.
  6. You will have to manually tweak each letter curve to get it vertical.

Another option is to make two curves, one straight one curved, the straight curve is to add the text too so that the transform is in sync, the curved er! curve can be used as a guide to place the letter curves.

Issue example.
V5k5R.png V5lmf.png

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