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Neither Designer nor Photo opens this SVG correctly

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Windows 10 Home 1903, Photo and Designer

As part of an experiment I (fairly randomly) found an SVG https://pixabay.com/vectors/car-black-vehicle-transport-travel-311713/ that I wanted to use but upon opening it in Photo and Designer (haven’t bothered trying Publisher) I see that it hasn’t been imported correctly. A lot of the detail is missing and there are bigger issues – see attached snapshots from Designer and Photo.
It’s not a big problem for me as I can use the raster version instead but I thought I’d mention it so someone can look into it (there’s a chance that the original SVG is to blame so it might not be an Affinity problem).



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Hi GarryP,

Could you attach a copy of the SVG please, I don't have an account for Pixabay and it is not sending me a confirmation email. I will remove the SVG once I've downloaded it.

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Thanks for the file. The SVG uses the Fill: URL to apply the gradients to each section of the vehicle. This is a known issue with Designer. I'll get it bumped with development!

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