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Brush size preview / Brush size shortcuts

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Don't know if these are really a bugs?

1. Selecting a paint brush or erase brush you'll get a preview of the size of this brush. When you change the brush to 4096px and have a zoom level of 51% or greater there are suddenly three centered circles. Of course I can imagine, that at a certain zoom level, the proper size preview of the brush can't be displayed anymore, so why should they displayed anyway (wrongly)?

2. On Windows the shortcuts for decreasing / increasing brush sizes are [ and ]. Hmm, I never get these shortcuts on a standard German keyboard. Normally you have the key combination Alt Gr+8 resp. Alt Gr+9 for getting the square brackets. So I think keyboard shortcuts are not "specifically adapted" to the language - in this case German.

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Hey Joachim_L,

1. This happens when there isn't enough room to display the brush preview within the larger circle. This is by design. 

2. Alt Gr+8/9 should be working but I had the same issue as you. I connected a German keyboard and changed my keyboard input to German but Alt Gr+8/9 didn't do anything. I then tested it on another machine and it worked. So I went back to Keyboard Shortcuts in Preferences and reset my keyboard shortcuts and it worked! You can try resetting your shortcuts (but save them first if you use custom ones) and try it. Also check what keys are mapped.

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For 1. accepted

For 2. maybe my English is not good enough. If I recall it correctly a English keyboard has physical keys for [ and ] whereas on a German keyboard you have to use a key combination to get [ or ]. I just wanted to point out, that the shortcuts were not "translated" into German.

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