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PDF render error on export - not filling areas correctly

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I've created a postcard sized document. The top and bottom of the page are pixel layers with fill layers added for gradient and pattern effects. The document views correctly when editing or exporting as an image file (jpeg, png) but when exported as a PDF for printing then the fill layers are incorrect. The fill layers are not filling the object and are cropped inside the pixel layer.

See attached for the document and also the rendered jpg and pdf.




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There is definite problem there because even in my attempts to simplify the document, it still renders the PDF incorrectly. I think it's to do with the honeycomb pattern fill.

Re: simplifying  - instead of creating a fill layer with the gradient and then cropping it to a shape layer (in your file it's a pixel layer), just create the shape you want with the pen tool and fill it with a gradient. You end up with one object instead of 2 and no pixel layer involved.

Also in working with your file I get serious rendering issues as shown here when not in Preview mode:

Screen Shot 2019-08-18 at 12.46.46 PM.png

Also I tried rasterizing the honeycomb pattern with the mask to see if that helped and look how it ends up getting cropped and moved (the selected object bounded in blue):

Screen Shot 2019-08-18 at 12.50.31 PM.png

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Any new on this being fixed? I’ve just completed a 70 page document, am on a deadline for publication, and have run into this bug. Almost every page uses a master page with a border made with a bitmap fill, and about a third of them just don’t render. They include one instance of the bitmap rather than tiling it. Works fine if I export a spread as JPEG, but none of the PDF formats work. I’m running whatever the latest version is on a Mac.

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Is this related to the bug others are mentioning? The extra detail on the inside of the image is not rendering when exporting as a PDF. This is an image that was a colored graphic, but I converted it into a coloring book image by following the steps in this Affinity training tutorial on transforming image into pencil drawing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=179&v=AesJUS2yO2c&feature=emb_logo

Also, when I try to open it with Mac Preview, it's all jumbled up.

I'm using Affinity 1.7.3 with Mac 10.13.6. 

Mac Preview.jpeg



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It seems to be dependent on the export preset. PDF (for print), which is the default, resulted in the bitmap-filled object being clipped, but PDF (digital - high quality) worked for me. The latter setting still allows you to set the DPI, so should be a reasonable workaround until fixed. 

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