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Designer Discussion: How could I reproduce this?

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Dear Friends,

The actual reproduction of this design is not important, it more 'how to' tackle something I first thought was very easy but still can not find a good way to reproduce.

Basically I can see 4 vector wavy lines each with a gradient falling away on one side that is consistent whether the line is rising or falling. Interaction between the lines can be taken care of by overlays or whatever, its really the process forming a line by either using gradients that follow the line or create a brush that will do the job.

The concept can then be used on backgrounds, letterheads etc

This is probably something I will kick myself about but at present I am baffled.

Thanks for all your help,



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Hi @PaulPry66

You can draw curved lines, or adding the curves to large rectangles filled wwirh yellow, and using mode multiply or transparency first.

Next, you need to use somme layers effects like orange outer or inner glow/shadow. And there's one of the curves, at least, with some yellow glow too.

The resulting effect depend of the order or the curves. (the yellow glow somewhere at the top).

And for the grey stroke, you can try with 2 curves in a group, and adding a grey stroke to this group, perhaps with some 3D or bevel/emboss effect.

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