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I just bought Affinity Designer and I'm really liking it so far. When I make a gradient mask on an image. is there a way to adjust the opacity of the individual mask? I may have multiple masks but it don't seem to be able to adjust the opacity of an individual mask. Only the whole layer.

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What they need to do is take a page from Adobe's book and allow the user to see the mask directly and edit it as well as setting it's opacity and feather.

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Hi all,

There's some bugs/issues with masking within Affinity Designer, one of them related with the way the masks are being composed when we change the transparency of the mask object/layer. I'm investigating and logging them to be looked at.

Thanks for raising this issue.




We are working on this. You can already see and work with the mask directly pressing ⌥ (option/alt) and clicking on the mask thumbnail in the Layers panel as MDb pointed out.

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Doesn't do it here:


1. I created a rectangle

2. Clicked on the mask button in the layers panel

3. Went into Pixel Persona and painted a diagonal stroke across the rectangle which was masked as expected

4. Option clicked on the mask but all I got was a bounding box with no contents which I thought would be a black diagonal brush stroke (it showed in the thumbnail in the layers panel). I tried it in both Vector and Pixel with the same result. I could rotate/resize/move the bounding box and the stroke's masking appearance on the rectangle changed as expected


3 additional questions:


Is there a way to hide the bounding box?


Are there plans for a width tool? I usually adjust line widths after the art is done rather than dealing with pressure sensitivity or width profiles.


Are trial periods reset for each version? I think I only have a day to two left...


Thanks for your assistance!

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Hi JimGoshorn,

Currently the ⌥ (option/alt) only works in the Beta. You're probably using the Mac App Store version. Sorry I should have been more clear about this.


Regarding your questions:

1) I don't think this was designed with this purpose in mind, but pressing Spacebar (panning) will hide the bounding boxes. There's no other way to do it.


2) This was already being discussed in some threads. We will be looking into it later. Right now the focus is on preparing Affinity Photo for release and make sure it works flawlessly with Designer.


3) No, usually we only reset trials after major MAS updates.

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