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Stop Hiding the Publisher Manual/Users Guide.

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I finally discovered the manual you have hidden under Help --> Affinity Publisher Help.  In most applications I have used the information reached under the Help Menu is next to useless. I was excited to find that your really have a complete Manual with excellent descriptions of commands and features organized in a clear and logical way.  

Two suggestions that would have helped me.

1. Stop hiding this document. Link to it in the Affinity Learn or Affinity Product support areas of the website.  I think reading it would provide a lot of customers comfort as the consider whether Publisher can be adapted to the various quirks of their workflow.  Also it would provides provides a lot of information that is easily understood for those of us starting to use Publisher. (The video tutorials are helpful. But this document goes a step further for users who looking for detailed explanations of options.

2. Rename it something other that "Affinity Publisher Help. It really is a fine "Manual" or "User's Guide". Use a name that indicates it is more than a typically bland help document.

Many gold stars to the people who developed this outstanding document. Many frowns to the people who didn't carry through and tell users it exists.

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I want to add a suggestion:

3. In the TOC sidebar highlight the chapter which is currently shown in the mac help.app main window. In particular if you got jumped to an article by using the Affinity help menu it can be hard to find where this article belongs to. Therefore it would also support the understanding if the according item in the sidebar would become unfolded in case it is hidden in a level below a main topic.

4. I experience since the retail version v408 this help.app I can't get the search results > articles opened in the Affinity app language but mostly in the system language, I could not detect a rule yet for that language choice of the help.app. Even though I can search in a different language the results are shown in system language only. This behavior was different and more useful in beta versions before v408. Whereas I can switch the language in the online help I don't have this option in the macs help.app.

macOS 10.12.6,  Macbook Pro 15" + Eizo 24"

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