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Having gradient run ONCE on multi-point line?

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Hi.  I have a vector line (with multiple points/elbows), and I want to run a multi-colour linear gradient along the length of it.

So, I made my line, then created a linear stroke gradient (with 4 colours) for it.

However, it applies the gradient for each section of the line (from point to point... or elbow to elbow), rather than applying the gradient ONCE across the entire length of the line.

How do I apply a multi-colour gradient across the entire length of a multi-point line ONCE, without having it do the entire gradient range across EACH segment of the line?

NOTE: I do not want it to apply a SINGLE colour on each segment (ex. First segement is blue, second segment is green, etc)...  but, instead, just apply the entire gradient range over the entire length of the line based on DISTANCE, not segments.  In the attached pic, you see the line I want to apply the gradient to... but, currently, the gradient is applied, in full, to each segment, rather than across the entire length (once) of the line.

Also, why is it that the gradient isn't really oriented to the angle of the line, but rather always aligned to an either pure vertical or horizontal axis?  (90 degrees)

Any help?



UPDATE: Okay, so I think I just discovered/realized one thing...  The gradient doesn't follow the line/curve itself, but instead is a single line gradient that simply 'shows through' the overall shape of the entire shape...   In the case of the attached sample image, that gradient is going left to right... which explains both why the transitions are not aligned to the lines, as well as why the gradient seems to go through random phases in the colours, rather than a predictable one (...until you realize the gradient is a single line going left to right, and that the colour is entirely dependent on the horizontal position of the current area of the line, not the distance through it).

So, that explains that...  but, I'm wondering if there IS a way to do what I'm trying to do... aside form making the curve using multiple, separate straight line segments, each with their own gradient.

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As you already figured that linear just means gradients along a certain axis - you may consider an Textured image Brush which tries to follow the curves:



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Not quite what is wanted, but an idea for an approximation:


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