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Poster design template

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Looks nice.
If you are open to a bit of constructive criticism I have some ideas/suggestions:
* It would be nice to see an example of where the product images are supposed to go. This would show people what the finished product might look like.
* The “Product X” texts are of different sizes (not sure if this is deliberate).
* Product One seems to be very near the side of the page. Might not be easy to get the real product name in.
Looking at the AFDESIGN file:
* You have “Product Three” grouped with the address. That’s not good from a template design point of view.
* The curves with the gradients in are more complex than necessary. You can do them with triangles which are easier to modify.
* The background rectangle is bigger than it needs to be with no bleeds. Not a major issue just something I’m not keen on.
* Your document size is very large and I don’t know if 1.2m x 2m is a standard size. Best to check the standards for templates.
Attending to the small details can sometimes make a big difference (I’ve been caught out by this many times myself).
I’ve attached a quickly-edited version for you to have a look at.


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