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Maybe I did not understood the concept of Live Filters. As an advertised feature during the presentation of Publisher I had the impression, that it is an easy-to-use feature. Perhaps I did something wrong, but the Live Filters are not working out-of-the-box in the sense of PDF export. Does not work in the latest stable or latest beta. The Live Filter is applied, but the effect does not appear in the exported PDF. I can rasterize the layers of course, but is this the right way? Looking into the help files give me no help.

Any advice or help or information?

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Thanks. Effectively, the only way to keep the effect is to go to Photo persona, hide all layers and create a new layer from visible layers (sorry, I freely translate from my French version!).

It will rasterize the layer and the effect (but you'll keep the original layer too).

Using this live filter in a document, on pictures, or on picture frames, or importing an AP document using the effect, the effect will disappear when exporting to PDF.

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