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color values change itself on Lab sliders

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I have a little problem with colors in Lab.

If I try to create a swatch for a RAL standard color eg. RAL 5005 (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_RAL_colors ).


The Lab values are L=32 a=-7 b=-37 type that in and close the box.


When you reopen it the values are changed to L=32 a=-5 b=-35


The bug is not present if you change the color of the fill direct - not the swatch - then you can reopen the dialog and there are the same values.

Initial color change:



Reopen the color dialog:


Everything is correct!


This is a bug in the complete Affinity Range. Testet on Designer, Photo and Publisher in the latest versions 1.7.1

It happents at most with colors outside the sRGB gammut I think. And independet what color space the document is, Lab/16, sRGB/16, sRGB/8, ProPhoto/16 ... at least if you have no document open at all.

Is there a solution for the problem ... do I something wrong?

By the way, is it possible to lock swatches from change the color of it?






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