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Margin and bleed not working for artboards and two other problems

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Affinity Designer Version

iPad Pro 12,9 inch first generation, iOS 12.3.1

I added screen recordings for clarity. 


Problem 1: Margin and bleed not working for artboards

Margins and bleed work perfect for documents that do not use artboards, but when I convert it to an artboard using "Insert Artboard" it stops working. Same goes for creating a document and enabling the option "Create Artboard". Bleed still shows, but changing the values for Left, Right, Top or Bottom doesn't change the bleed. When opening the menu again the values are back to what they were before using "Insert Artboard". Margins also don't work, it goes back to Left 0.0 Right 0.0 Top 0.0 and Bottom 0.0. Trying to change this makes it immediately jump back to 0.0.

Problem 2: "Check Spelling While Typing" option is always on when loading any document

Problem 3: Limited selection of presets for inserting artboards in an open document

It looks like the artboard presets of the category "Device". However, the bottom four options are also missing: Kindle Fire HD 7, Kindle Fire HD 8.9, Galaxy S5 and Surface Pro 2. There is an option missing for selecting the category like when creating a new document. It seems that this simply has been overlooked. 

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Hi Arjo,

Welcome to the Affinity Forums!

Problems 1 and 2 are known issues that are with development to be fixed, I'll get it bumped with them.

Problem 3 isn't a bug as such, it was never designed to show all Page and Category presets. Instead we've kept to mobile devices as Artboards are primarily used for designing UX/UI designs, so felt that they were only necessary. However feel free to post in feature requests if you would like to see these options expanded. 

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