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Quite like current beta version .445 and crop choices available. Would it be possible to "rubber band" the crop grid boundary so that it cannot go past the edges of the original image particularly with reference to the newly named "Resample" cropping tool?

I am not quite convinced that the term "Resample" is quite the correct term for this tool. Done a bit of a search of other photo editing software and common terms used elsewhere is A. "Original Ratio". B. "Original Proportions" and C. "Preserve Aspect Ratio".  There may be other terms I have not come across as of yet. The other possible thought is in the new "Resample" tool is to include a box to adequately describe the Original image ratio. eg 4950px by 3284px could be also described as (1:1.507). The "Resize Document" does allow the size to change in relation to the aspect ratio when the padlock is locked. Just wonder whether a similar function could be available in the "Resample" tool when selecting a new size or resize greater than the original image size at the same time maintaining the original proportions of the original image or aspect ratio.

For the image stated above at 4950px by 3284px why does the Custom Ratio then describe the ratio as 2475px by 1642px (50% of the original pixel count)?

Could this tool set be used as the conversion tool to show the true custom ratio as 1:1.507 or similar. Other images could have different ratios and the "Custom Ratio" should be able to save the ratio in a more appropriate format to describe the aspect ratio as a fraction and save this for future use as a preset. There are other common ratios of say 3:2 but this is still not the same ratio as 1:1.507. End up losing a small strip out of the original image aspect ratio. Other camera sensor ratios may also have different aspect ratios.

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Have had a re-think over the last couple of days regarding the new "Resample" title. Think now that it is a reasonable title for the action of the crop tool set. Tried to see whether one can change the aspect ratio from within the "Resample" tool.

Played around with many different options for increasing (up-sampling) an image. Used the canvas resize and selection method to change the width or height of an image and then resize. Also used the resample method to increase the size of the image in either pixels or unit dimensions. Tried to increase image size to different aspect ratios by just changing one dimension in either the height or in the width from the Camera ratio of 1.507 to 1.0 to different ratios such as 1.33 to 1, 1.25 to 1 or 1.618 to 1. Basically up-sampling images in either width or height to produce a different aspect ratio from the original ratio of 1.507 to 1.

Some of these are in the presets, but the presets work in a different way. My original image was 4950px by 3284px so wanted to maintain the 4950px value but resize to different ratios in the height only. Came to the conclusion that I could do with a ratio box within the Resample crop tool to be able to change the image size by using direct ratio entry to get a different aspect ratio without having to resort to a calculator to calculate the change in height or width dimensions, whether pixels or unit lengths. Sometimes the new ratio selected made the crop grid go out beyond the image area and needed to be dragged back in. Not sure how this can be addressed to ensure the crop grid "rubber bands" back in to the image.

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