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@infinite_canvas (the instagram artwork)

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Hello! I switched to Affinity Designer for making my ongoing digital artwork on Instagram, entitled @infinite_canvas and it has been a revelation for this project (it's a scrolling, connected feed, so if you visit it be sure to scroll down, best viewed on mobile: https://www.instagram.com/infinite_canvas/). I switch between vector in raster in what I would describe as an irreverent way. The conceptual framework of the project could be distilled down to "grappling with the information stream". So as images pile up on my devices, they go onto the canvas, where I juxtapose, respond, add and subtract from them. I work quickly and without hesitation. The ability to move in between vector and raster so quickly opened up possibilities in my work flow. I'm deeply appreciative of that and think I'm utilizing the software in a somewhat unique (if inappropriate, ha!) manner.

Attached it a screenshot of part of my current file (each one is 3240 px x 21600 px) - I rarely organize layers, . If printed to size, the canvas would extend football fields! (I printed it awhile ago during my MFA program and at 6 inches it was 45 feet long). 

I dream of having a program that would enable multiple user to work in the space at the same time. I really want to collaborate on an infinite feed with other people(s), I think the framework of my project would be perfect for a (maddening) collaboration! 

Thanks for this incredible program and if you have any questions about the project, I love talking about it! 






Screen Shot 2019-08-09 at 10.59.13 AM.png

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I like this mess whatever it is.  It looks like my work space when I am using mockups and photos together to make a graphically appealing post on instagram or twitter.

My suggestion would be to GET GOOD at organizing layers QUICK, the more elements you have the more complicated making changes will be also if you are collaborating with others they won't be able to make hide nor tail of this smorgasburg of stuff  

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Thanks @ClarityDynamic - but the mess is kind of the point. If you look at the Instagram account, you'll get an idea of just how far the mess goes along! I'm working so fast and with so many images, to stop and start organizing for this specific project would just slow me down!

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