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Swatches Have 2 Names (Fill/Global and Spot)

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I've just noticed this. What is the use case? I'm guessing that this allows me to maintains a spot name like "PMS 100", but also name the global color something appropriate for the current document.

As an aside: Why doesn't Affinity save global color information in pdfs?

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Hi Desult,

I'm not sure if I have understood your questions correctly as when I view the Swatches they only have one name if possible could you provide a screenshot? At the moment its not possible to save global color information in PDFs.

Please tag me using @ in your reply so I can be sure to respond ASAP.

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Hi Callum,
 Thanks for the response. The Spot color name is not shown anywhere, but it's there. Create a New Spot Color. Right click on that swatch in the swatch panel. There is an option to rename Global Color, and there is an option to rename Spot Color. The Global Color name is used within Affinity. The Spot color name is adopted when the document is exported to pdf. This is not intuitive, but I noticed this when experimenting with how Affinity exports pdfs.

These are just some initial observations. My aim in this post is to get some insight as to why Affinity designed the naming of swatches this way so that I can appropriately adjust my workflow.

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I keep running into this. Does no one else notice that colors have two names?

My current attempt to try to tackle Affinity Designer has me scratched my head about swatch names again.

# Generate Swatch information After Opening an Illustrator file

I'm trying to wrangle in and streamline my approach to managing colors when opening an Illustrator file. I'd like AD to just automatically generate a Swatch Palette derived from the spot colors in the document. But, it does not. That's ok.

I am working on an exercise: What is the minimal number of steps to open an .AI file and create a swatch palette from the pantone spot colors that are embedded in the file. So far here is where I am at:
Step 0: Add document palette*
Step 1: Open file
Step 2: Select an object.
Step 3: Select Same Fill Color (helpful to make a custom keyboard shortcut)
Step 4: Click "Add current color to palette as global color"
Step 5: Rename Color.

Step 5 Above: The color has adopted a generic Global Color name, but knows what it's Spot Color name is. So...

Step 6: Right click swatch. Rename Spot Color. Copy Text and press escape because we really don't want to rename the spot color.
Step 7: Right click swatch. Rename Global Color. Paste Text.

Repeat above for all colors and do some additional steps if the artwork has strokes.

* Step 0: I initially thought "Create palette from document as as document palette" would help, but it is riddled with issues.

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