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As anyone who works with real paint knows, brushes are rarely clean and colours are rarely uncontaminated by other colours.

I was wondering whether Affinity had anything in the pipeline that would replicate this?

For instance, if I was using an acrylic brush and painted some white, then switched to orange, the first couple of strokes might have little bits of white in them. Perhaps there might be an option (like the paint mixer tool) to clean the brush between strokes.

Thoughts? In my mind this would be really nice and complement the paint mixer tool really nicely!

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interesting idea. the 'brush' is a pixel pattern + a color . why not have the brush be a coloured pixel pattern, that is affected by the paint it touches ?  and then is cleanable like CraigD suggests? 

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The desktop version has the Paint Mixer Brush which seems to work like the multicolor brush being requested here. Does the iPad version also have that tool?

-- Walt

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There are a few options available to achieve this

a. Experiment with the blend modes on the context bar.
Multiply works but can be a bit 'harsh' or heavy without commensurate adjustments to hardness/opacity and flow. 
Average it useful (use it a lot!)...something I picked up from sketchbook pro and authentic 'pencil brushes'
b. Use a textured brush (transparency will appear in 'unfilled' pixels)
c. mix the 2 (A+B)
d. Use an image brush
e. Turn on 'wet edges'


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You can create great multicolour brushes by going into the brush Dynamics settings and changing the Hue to ‘Velocity’ and increasing the Hue slider to quite a high % depending on how much colour change you want:



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