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Multiple pages, not just multiple art boards. The art boards are great and can be used as pages, but it then requires a lot of scrolling or zooming in and out.


Here is what I envision being able to do.


I open the software, grab my stylis pad and start sketching.

Now, instead of creating a new layer, I create a new page with some keyboard combination of some sort. (for example, perhaps  "Shift+Alt+N" for a New Alternate Page? )

At this point, I now resume sketching.

After a while, I want to review what I have sketched and so, this time I hit "Shift+F9" (because F9 is what apple uses for viewing open files as thumbnail images) and all the "Pages" that I had created show up similar to when I hit F9 on my Mac to see what files I have open.

I will see thumbnails (larger if not many pages, smaller if lots of pages).

I can then click on any of those thumbnails to open that page up to resume working on it, view it, etc. 

Each page would work the same as it always has when working on a document, with the multiple layers, art boards, multiple pages on the one artboard, etc.

But the beauty here is, multiple pages for sketching, creating drafts, etc. Just like using a Paper & Pencil Sketch pad.

Heck, if possible, get some cool page flipping look to make flipping through the pages possible as well even. Then not only would the "Shift+F9" help, but one can flip though their pages like a sketch pad and enjoy viewing their stuff that way too.

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