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Beta 445, Curves after Levels, historgram issue

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unsure if this a bug or i misinterptet the functionality.


i often apply first a levels, and then a curves adjustment. In some cases, the  histogram within the curves shows wrong data, not including the levels adjustment below. You can see the mismatch in the curves dialog box (left) versus the histogram in the toolbar (right).

Picture is RGB/16 with  Adobe RGB

The issue occurs only occasionally.



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below you can find a example file.

3 boxes with color gradients, red, green, blue.

First step: i started with RGB values from 25 to 200 for all colors. All histograms shown correct.

Second step: i reduced the red and green color ranges. after this, the curves histogram just collapses to a flat line.

very strange.

curves histogram bug.afphoto

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