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Usability: Allow Configuring UI Animations

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I really love almost everything about the affinity UI, it is an astoundingly nice piece of software to use with one exception.




These dropdowns have a delay to become usable/visible.
They take a tad long - and the time feels longer the bigger the widget.

This hurts usability, especially when you have to pick a color 10 times in a row (or any repetition) - it stacks up real fast. 
As an adept user, I sometimes spend more time waiting for animations to finish then actually working.

And more subjectively, they are animated with a scale effect,

which I find personally a little tacky when surrounded by the other elegant design :)

Feature Request

Please add a settings panel (Preferences -> User Interface) to configure:

  - The pop up show speed/time (in ms for example)


  - Whether or not the widgets animate (that would implicitly lower the time)

Since some people may love the effect, and it may have good reason to exist,

having the option to speed it up as well as toggle it seems the best of both worlds.

Thanks for the excellent software and keep up the good work.



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Welcome to the forums _discovery!


Great idea, as I can see it speeding up peoples work flow. 


Lets see what the Dev guys think :)

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