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Hi folks,
I suggest implementation with variable data from an excel or any office datasheet. I usually do event folders that need scheduling with constant editions in cases of changing time, day, speaker, title or photos. It´s extremely necessary that changing my datasheet automatically adjust my layout using variables by tag or other similar way. It´s relevant that interface doesn´t ask for manual insertion fields and the dialog box offer tags to drag and drop like into document, permitting applying styles into them with personalized adjusts. It´s just a suggestion that I´d love if happen!





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erase personal names

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4 minutes ago, MEB said:

Hi Tatum,
Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
I believe this suggestion/feedback was regarding Affinity Publisher (not Photo). I've moved it to the respective section.

You´re right... may I chage files of these template in this topic please? I´d like to change pictures of these persons.

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1 minute ago, MEB said:

Click the Edit link on the bottom of the respective post to edit it.

ok now... thank you

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