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Character style applies font size despite "No Change"

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MacOS 10.13.6, AffPub 1.7.1

I create a text style that adds underline, with all else "No Change". When I apply it to part of a paragraph, the character size from the previous application is adopted, not the size called for by the paragraph style applied. (Easy to demonstrate.)

Would love to have "nested styles" from InDesign – makes stylish headings effortless.  I'd place this second priority after adding automation supporting footnotes.

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32 minutes ago, beast said:

(Easy to demonstrate.)

Would you mind to be so kind? Or post your .afpub? – Actually I did not get your point yet, the mentioned "size" and "previous application" are confusing me, since you want to add 'underlined' style only and work in AfPublisher only, – right?

One guess is that you try to assign a paragraph style to a part of a paragraph only. That does not work (as in ID). Instead you can use a character style to overwrite a property of the paragraph for a specific area within that paragraph only.

Related to your desire for "nested styles" you should post it in the according forums section (Feedback & Requests). Here in the Bug Reports it might go lost.

macOS 10.14.6, Macbook Pro Retina 15" + Eizo 27" // Affinity preferred in Separated Mode + Merged Windows

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No, I do not assign a paragraph style to part of one only. I assign a character style to part of a paragraph, already subject to a paragraph style.

The second time I apply that character style, it retains the font size of the paragraph in the first application.

See the example attached.


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You have set the underlined style based on the main Section, which has a larger font size.
Switching in "Based on:" to the wanted Subsection will apply the wanted font size.



macOS 10.14.6, Macbook Pro Retina 15" + Eizo 27" // Affinity preferred in Separated Mode + Merged Windows

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36 minutes ago, beast said:

I need to pick up the font itself and left Font Size as No Change. It should then surely leave it unchanged, according to the context (inline text).  This was never a problem with InDesign.

Since your style was based on another style, "No change" is relative to the style that it was based on. This is also true in InDesign.

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5 hours ago, beast said:

Will remove Based On preference.

As garrettm30 mentioned you had defined your style "Section Number" to base on the style "Section" (14 p) – though you want it basing on "Subsection" (12 p) to make it not appear in a different size than "Subsection".

If you remove the 'Based On' preference for "Section Number" and set it to [No Style], then you define the style as flexible as possible, cause it only assigns 'underline' and has all other properties set to [No change]. Then you might consider to understand it not any more as a sub of style "Subsection" (which is used as sub of "Section") but simply as a general "underline" style and possibly name it "underline" to make it clear that you may use it for any other paragraph style, too, where you need 'underline'.

macOS 10.14.6, Macbook Pro Retina 15" + Eizo 27" // Affinity preferred in Separated Mode + Merged Windows

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