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Richard Liu

Repeated crashes cloning in 1.7.1

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I'm experiencing persistent crashes while attempting to clone part of one image to another.  I'm running Affinity Photo 1.7.1 on a 2018 MacBook Pro 15" with macOS 10.13.6.  Here is one of the crash logs:  Affinity Photo_2019-08-06-172523_RRL-MacBookPro15.crash.  I'm trying to clone Ina, a colleague, out of Ina.tiff and replace her by the bench in No_Ina.tiff.  So, following @James Ritson's tutorial (for 1.6, https://player.vimeo.com/video/192599318/), I enter the latter as a new source in the Sources panel, double click it there, choose the cloning tool and option-click on a common point in the two files.  Then I go to Ina.tiff, activate the cloning tool, and click No_Ina.tiff in Sources.  Now I run into a first problem:  the preview of the cloning brush is practically useless, as only bright spots of light appear when I hover over some part of Ina.tiff.  Taking a chance on where to place the cloning brush, I click-drag.  Soon after I finish, Affinity Photo crashes.

The other problem I have with cloning in this way is, I don't seem able to clone from one pixel layer to another in the same document, let alone between documents.  Why not?  The history for this is, I first developed the a RAW file to produce the Background layer of the document with Ina, then found I had another RAW file that I hadn't intended to develop with just the bench.  So I developed it, then copy-pasted it into the document that I was working on in hopes of being able to just clone between the two Background pixel layers instead of having to export both and, I assume, lose the advantage of developing and working in 32-bits.


Affinity Photo_2019-08-06-172523_RRL-MacBookPro15.crash


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Posted (edited)

Here are the two tiff files again:

By the way, the spots in the loupe where probably due to the fact that a painting brush had been selected and I had increased the brush size.

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Added BTW

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I've had no issues following that tutorial. It works just fine. There is a perspective issue but this is expected as the photos are not taken from the exact same place, and the clone tool will not correct this. If you attach a screen recording of your workflow, we can have a look and see what you're doing wrong. 

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