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Forgive me if this has already been answered. I looked but couldn't find the answer.

Is it possible to do a tileable fill with Affinity Photo? I've seen references to doing it in designer but not photo. I did a bitmap fill using the gradient tool but it doesn't tile the bitmap, it just extends the edges which is not very useful (for me anyway).


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Hi Walt. There didn't seem to be an obvious explanation anywhere that the gradient fill works only with shapes (or is there one - which I've missed?!)

I had a project going on where I'm working on a 2d architectural master plan and I've been wanting to create a tile pattern with the use of bitmaps for floors (especially wrap). I had created layers and put a solid colour for them and wanted to now replace that with tiles. The layers were taking the bitmap but it didn't give me an Extend option and so the bitmap was stretched at the seams when I tried to scale it down.

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10 hours ago, walt.farrell said:

Thanks, Xigma.

So, you could perhaps use a shape such as a rectangle, or even a curve created by the pen tool if it's an odd shape. Then fill that.

Thanks Walt. It is quite effective when we do it this way. Affinity has shown me a lot of promise over the last 1 year when I moved over to it. The learning curve is not deep but takes patience to work with.

I come from an architectural visualization background so my requirement with Photoshop was to final correct a 3d render and bring in the realism and depth, and I found Affinity very strong in helping me with that. We also used it for creating master plans and floor plans and I tested it over the last couple of days. Worked like a charm too.

There are certain things in Affinity which I can't make happen instantly (maybe we are so used to Photoshop) but I know and believe there is a different way to get that done.

I find Affinity quite handy and sometimes even more convenient than Photoshop. The pricing factor of Affinity would make me stay permanently, I hope they keep the development of Affinity healthy, clean and lightweight too.

- Pavan

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