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Wriggly lines when zoomed out (Huion tablet)

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I am evaluating your software and are using the latest trial version.

I am using

- Win 10

- Tablet: Huion Kamvas GT-191


I have noticed that brush lines get very ugly if drawing while zoomed out. Lines are ok while drawing at zoom rate 100% or more, but become wriggly if I draw them while zoomed out (for example at 40%). See attached image.

I can work around this by using  the stabilizer but that should not be nessesary.

I don't have this problem in Photoshop and I do not use stabilizer in Photoshop.


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I believe it'd help if you as well would upload screenshots of the situation.

Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo licenses, Windows 7, i7  860 (2009) 2.8 GHz,  8 GB RAM, GTX 1050 2 GB, HD 7200 RPM.  Wacom Intuos 4 XL.

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There was a .afphoto file attached to the first post, but ok, here are some screenshots.

First image is when I have drawn some red lines at zoom rate at 50%.

Second image is after setting zoom at 100% and drawing some blue lines. The blue lines are ok, but red lines are wriggly as you can see om the zoomed in image.



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In Photoshop you can zoom out a 4K image to thumbnail size, if you want to, and still draw beautiful lines.

Even if there is kind of a workaround by using stabilizer, this is quite offputting to be frank.

If you want to compete with PS, you should prioritize improving this imho.



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