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Highpass sharpening

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Hello here,


I'm very new here, using the tryal….

I'm trying High pass sharpening.

I saw some YouTube examples etc etc. But they are too fast! I can't see wich button they push, are talking too fast. Im a Dutchman.

Who can inform me to use high pass sharpening, step  by step?

I'm so far as start High pass by Filters> Sharpen> High pass...> drag the radius button> Until I see some outlines I like.

But then???? I like to see my picture! I can't follow the demonstrations because they are too fast!


Thanks in advance!

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1.- Select the layer you want to apply High Pass to
2.- At the bottom of the layers panel you will see a little "hourglass" icon, click it
3.- Select High Pass...
4.- Drag until you get the desired effect
5.- Select overlay or soft light as the blending mode for the effect

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