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The toolbars in version of Designer are a little bit too wide in portrait mode on an iPad 9,7”. See the screenshots.



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The Context toolbar for the Node Tool is too wide with the English UI, too.4A8219D4-6B35-4722-91A5-8CEE6544F667.thumb.jpeg.4eed9197f634fa848df45dd34541342c.jpeg

The Context toolbar for the Paint Brush Tool is fine for the English UI.70D7019F-BC68-4172-8BDA-780E79150ECB.thumb.jpeg.77a9f005ab45bced62762b6a7d306070.jpeg


When the UI language is set to German, ‘Protect alpha’ becomes „Transparenz schützen“, which is too long for the available space.

Alfred online2long.gif
Affinity Designer/Photo/Publisher • Windows 10 Home (4th gen Core i3 CPU)
Affinity Photo for iPad • Designer for iPad • iOS 12.4.1 (iPad Air 2)

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