I've noticed that the grid jumps around when panning and zooming the window. This seemingly only affects the secondary or vertical grid axis (I haven't been able to make it affect the primary grid axis). I've made a gfycat video demonstrating the inconsistency: https://gfycat.com/spottedvibrantgreathornedowl First I tried to snap an object to the existing grid but as you can see it doesn't line up with the grid lines on the screen (though it seems the snapping grid is still accurate). Then I move and pan around and you can see the vertical grid doesn't properly stay aligned. My grid/snapping settings are attached in an image. Standard, but nonuniform grid with a different horizontal and vertical axis setting. Aligned the origin to the bottom left of the document using the axis editing handles. Thoughts? Is this a known issue? ETA on fix if known?