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Opening .afpub file of older public beta crashes retail version

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Hi there,

I'm using Affinity Publisher and wanted to open a .afpub-file lastly edited with Affinity Publisher Public Beta Unfortunately, Publisher keeps loading the file and eventually crashes without error notification. Opening with the beta isn't an option since the beta has expired.

The file contains text, embedded and linked images.

It would be great, if I was able to access the file, since there is some data in it, I would not want to recreate in the retail version. Of course, I know, that working with sensitive or important data in betas is at one's own risk. I just wanted to ask, if there is some knowledge regarding opening beta files in the retail version or getting the data in some other way.

Thanks in advance,



I was able to open the file with all its references and embedded contents with the current Customer Beta of Publisher version I don't know what caused the retail version to crash since it correctly opened another beta-file (less complex and on another computer). I guess, basically beta-files and retail-files are compatible, but some reference or adjustment made the retail version crash. Whatever, for me, personally, this issue has been solved, before this post was approved by a moderator. Nevertheless, I wanted to post the workaround in here for anyone having similar problems with the retail version.

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Hi Lagset,

Not sure if this will answer your question or help. I have files in the beta that I want to convert. At present, I can select the file, right-click and select open with and choose the retail version of Affinity Publisher. I have Windows 10. When I have artboards it asks if I want to convert to spreads. This has worked for me. I then use save as to save to the new Affinity Publisher.


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Hi Silver06,

thanks for your response. I've already tried that approach but I never get prompted to convert anything. Publisher (retail version) opens, keeps a while in 'Not Responding' state, then loads its UI and after a while crashes and closes without any further notice.

The new Customer Beta, however, keeps a while in 'Not Responding' state, then loads its UI and after while loads the file correctly with all embedded and linked media (.png, .jpg files and one linked .afdesign file). I can view and edit the file with the Customer Beta and currently thats basically what I need, but of course, it would be better if I could eventually get back to the retail version of Publisher for editing important files.

I will try now some changes by linking/embedding all of the media in the Customer Beta and then opening with the retail version. But I don't think this will have success since the beta is newer than the retail version, so I expect some backwards compatibility issues.

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