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Snap Objects and/or Guides to Other Objects’ Anchor Points

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I deal quite a bit with logo design which means I need the artwork to be as precise as possible. Often I need objects to be perfectly aligned with other object’s anchor points.


I’ve attached a screenshot as an example of what I’m usually trying to achieve. I want the yellow rectangle to snap to the upper left corner of the red thingy. In Illustrator I used to drag a guide, hover over the desired anchor point, and it would snap to it. I wish I could do the same in Designer or better be able to snap an object to other object’s anchor points without creating a guide (this might become an issue with an object that has lots of anchor points though).



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Hello crow,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

I'm not able to see any image. Have you forgotten to attach it?

You can snap an object to other object's nodes in Affinity Designer (except in very specific cases).


To do it, change to the Node Tool, make sure Snap to selected curves is enabled in the context toolbar, click over the object you want to align to select it, press ⌘ (cmd) + A (to select all nodes and move the whole object rather than just a node), ⇧ (shift) click the second object, and then pick one of the nodes from the first object and drag it over one of the nodes of the second. The nodes should change to a yellow circle/square when they are overlapping. 


Currently you cannot simply drag/move an object from one of its nodes and drop/snap it over another with the Move Tool (including its nodes). I already requested this to developers but I do not know when or if it will be implemented at this point.


Let me know if you still have trouble.

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MEB great tip.  I've never tried selecting the second object like you suggest, but when I do it gives so much more control over what and where the first object snaps to.


Thanks for the tip it will be very handy.

iMac (27-inch, Late 2009) with macOS Sierra

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