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Image colors different on export to PDF from Publisher

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I have a simple document in Publisher with some images placed inside. After placing them inside the Publisher document, I have edited the images using the Photo persona, just tweaking the levels a bit. The image looks correct inside Publisher, but looks bad in PDF - almost as if the edits I made in Photo persona were not applied at all.

I am exporting to PDF with the "PDF (for print)" settings applied. I have also tried setting the Rasterise property from "Nothing" to "Unsupported properties", which does seem to apply the adjusted levels to the image, but in an overly-corrective way. Just to be sure: I am trying to have the PDF look as the thing I see in Publisher. Could anyone push me in the right direction, please?




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18 minutes ago, Joachim_L said:

You do know, that this (and most images) are in RGB? Please convert them to CMYK and try again.

I do know that the image is going to have to be eventually converted to CMYK, naturally, but I was wondering if there was any way to avoid having to do this manually, maybe by applying some setting during the export.

I have tried converting the image to CMYK Fogra 29 inside the photo persona, used it inside the Publisher file and then exported it as a PDF for print. The result is clearly closer to what I wanted to achieve, but there are still obvious differences (see the second and third image below).

Also, when I converted the image to CMYK, although it exports to PDF correct-ish, it displays weird inside Publisher, which makes judging if the image is correctly colored or not a hassle. Is there any way to force Publisher to display the CMYK image as Acrobat does with the exported PDF?

preview 2.png

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Sure, here they are. The source file for the PDF is in one of the posts above. I am also attaching the original RGB version of the image without any edits of the levels applied to it.


CMYK image.jpg


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