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How to use hyphenation zones in Publisher?

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I'm a book writer and wrapper too. I'm testing hyphenation zones, but I don't understand, how can I use it. After set score, length, prefix, suffix and consecutive hyphens I stopped.

I have textboxes with flow text (book text), and I need no hyphenation end of column. I can't see zones, font's measurement is point, no millimeters. Where is zones?

I read in help: 'The zones are measured back from the right indent of the frame text, ignoring alignment or justification.' 

Ok, if Hyphenation zone is 17mm, then this length from right side of frame? Is this a column? This word length or 'hyphenation margin'? I get rarely hyphenation.



Ok, I change Column end zone. This zone start from bottom to top, or from right bottom corner to left? If I use this, will be a hook on end of text, no aligned last line to right side, if hyphenation not applicable. I set to maximum: 400mm, and see the hole on end of column. Is this hole a text-alignment or justification bug?



And what is Paragraph end zone? Word lengths in millimeters?

Can I use Capital zone for start character hyphenation limit? Like 'A panoráma' doesn't hyphenate if set point of 'A' in mm plus space in mm?

Zones is not clear me. I need no hyphenation at end of column, and justification will be correct. Can anyone help me, please?

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The explanation in the Help Section is also quite mysterious for me:

  • Capital zone—specify the amount of space allowed before hyphenation begins where words are in all capitals.
  • Paragraph end zone—specify the amount of space allowed at the end of a paragraph before hyphenation begins.
  • Column end zone—specify the amount of space allowed at the end of a column before hyphenation begins.


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@Callum I opened a separate topic for column end zone bug, and I hope this will be fix in next release. But I need more information from zones, like visualization areas, and working, because not clear why millimeters, and not point (if we use point in frames for fonts), and what is Hyphenation zone, because I set to big value, then I get a few hyphenation only. So I need a tutorial or any visualization from these zones, if I change any parameters.

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