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Antony Walton

Editing wrong colour in palette after defining multiple global colours at once

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I have found a strange behaviour when defining global colours in Designer. There are two odd behaviours shown in the uploaded video:

  1. If selecting multiple filled objects and using the 'Add current colour to palette as global colour' button in the swatches toolbar, only the first colour is added to the palette (00:00 - 00:10)
  2. Selecting multiple objects and using the contextual menu 'Add to swatches… > From fill as global' adds multiple fills to the palette but when you try and edit the second colour, the first colour is changed (00:33 - 00:43)

I can replicate this on a new document and it behaves like this for 2 or more colours selected in in one go. Subsequent colour selections and additions seem to 'group' themselves together, e.g. if a palette has 2 existing colours and a further 3 colours are added. Editing colour 5 will result in colour 3 changing.

I am running Designer 1.7.1 on macOS 10.14.6. Please let me know if you need any further info on this issue.

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Hi @Antony Walton

Welcome to the forums. 

The first one is not a bug, but just how the feature works. It will always add the current fill from your colour tab to the palette, and not the fill of the object/s. 

The second one is a bug and I've logged it with our developers. 



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