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Rotate selected vector(s)

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@ErrkaPetti this is exactly what i am looking for. THANKYOU! I can work with this.

I still wish I can control node rotation via the transform studio = tranformation without the handle bars (since it gets in the way sometimes). I also wish it works for single node selection.

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8 minutes ago, ErrkaPetti said:

Can’t see how this should work?

Please bear with me as I try to explain what I have in mind. Node handles control 2 things;

  • curve length (where you stretch the handle away/closer to the node)
  • curve angle (where you rotate the handle around the node)

For some cases, I exclusively wanted to rotate a specific node without affecting it's curve length. Could be easily solved via transform studio rotation.


Like-wise, I wanted to exclusively manipulate node's curve length, without affecting the curve angle (which is harder, but I think scaling with context would help)


Other node manipulation via scaling... Scale manipulation originates from the node itself.


Currently I can manipulate node specifications but will affect both angle and length in the process. Also, I don't think I can make a perfectly mirrored & angled handles like my example above with the iPad Designer, huh?

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