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Designer's Jewellery Kit for Affinity

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Designer’s Jewellery Kit for Affinity - Graphics



Ever wanted to make your own jewellery- but could not afford it? all those diamonds and other gems! Beads and other gems?

Look no further than this Amazing Kit. It includes 2 Assets – for displaying your shiny new rings necklaces and bracelets.
Need a string of beads? Look no further than the Beads Brush set. Gems? Yes there is a brush set too.With 7 different gem face cuts, you can change the colour of your gems with the Swatch panel. Need more realistic gems? Look at the png Gem sets.
Styles include Gems and stones in styles set; also includes Gold and Silver edged styles for brooches and gem shapes.

Textures and Styles are 300 dpi suitable for Web and print.
Brushes are 64 pixels but can be reduced in size if needed.

Affinity Graphics website.jpg

Facebook promo.jpg

Jewelled 2  Styles.jpg

Jewelled Gold Edged Styles.jpg

Jewelled Silver Edged Styles.jpg

Jewelled Styles.jpg






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12 minutes ago, Pepperdog2 said:

Very Nice! Got them! Thank you for supporting AD

Aww! Thank you!  Post  one of your designs here! I'd love to see what you create!


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