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Vertical pictures placed incorrectly in picture frames

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Hi, I reported this bug in January for beta version, and for some time it looked like it was repaired, but now it makes troubles again. In the attachment, I created 2 identical vertical image containers by using the Picture Frame Rectangle Tool in the tool bar. I placed a vertical image in the first vertical picture frame and it was placed turned by 90 degrees to the left (it behaved in the same way when placed it in a horizontal picture frame). Then I placed a horizontal image in the second vertical picture frame, and the image was placed correctly. So it only mess up placing vertical pictures. I thought at first the problem has something to do with my master pages that I created in winter in the beta version, but  these examples were made from scratch to test the placement a couple of min ago. 

Could you please see to it? Making photo albums is the only purpose I bought the Affinity Publisher for, but it makes my work so complicated. Thank you.

Vertical image placed in image container.JPG

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Sorry for coming late back to this topic. I saved your vertical image and place it with no problem into the picture frame. I am not sure if the original image file is to blame. Either the image has no EXIF data or the information was removed while uploading. Please zip the vertical image and post it again. TIA

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55 minutes ago, Ladi said:

 The images were taken with my mobile phone Samsung S8. 


I don't think this is a problem with picture frames or Publisher as such because it also occurs when placing your image in APhoto

If you check your image on  http://metapicz.com you can see it has been rotated by 90 degrees CW

If you open the image in APhoto it opens as you would expect but if you place the image in APhoto it is rotated by 90 degrees.

Looks like placing the image does not recognize the fact that it has been rotated

Photoshop places the image as you would expect so looks like a bug in Affinity or certainly an undesirable result

Due to the fact that Boris Johnson is now our Prime Minister, punctuation, spelling and grammar will never be worried about ever again.  We now have far bigger problems to be concerned about.

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Posted (edited)

Making progress here, having same problem with the original images. Reading the EXIF 0302, 0305, 2120 have an orientation Right top and 0315 has an orientation of Left bottom. Next step for me was opening the files in Photoshop / APhoto and saving them as JPEG again. The EXIF gives now the orientation of Top left regardless being portrait or landscape.

A wild shot in the dark: Publisher computes the image orientation upon the EXIF information "Orientation" and gets confused about Right top and Left bottom. Unless this is fixed I recommend you to save the images with a image editor that "corrects" the orientation.

EDIT: I am too slow, thx Carl for additional information.

Edited by Joachim_L

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Thanks guys, I really appreciate your effort. Joachim, you advice " to save the images with a image editor that "corrects" the orientation" has worked, thank you for the tip! Until the bug in AP is fixed, I can at least work on my projects, hurray!

EDIT: One more thing that might (?) be connected with the same problem: When I prepare my master pages and move the picture frames, e.g. I have 4 vertical picture frames in one row and 3 horizontal picture frames in one row below the vertical ones, and swap the rows  by using the Flip vertical tool, so that the horizontal picture frames are above the vertical ones: when I place images in the frames, they are flipped inside the frames. I understand the need to flip images or icons or whatever, however flipping picture frames in my opinion should not influence the placed image, as one can flip the placed image on its own (which is possible right now in AP).


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