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Creating a text style with all caps in Affinity Publisher

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I have this technique I like to employ where a string of text is completely written out using capital letters only the non-first letters are a smaller font. This gives the appearance of title style capitalization without using lower-case shapes. 


It might not look great zoomed in but from a distance it looks brilliant especially when there are all caps acronyms like FPGA>

I would like to have this font style easily usable across fonts.

I am wondering how one might set this up as a character/paragraph style(s) in Affinity Designer. Currently I very manually have to apply a different style to the first letter vs the rest of the word.

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Why not simply choose a font that includes small capitals? :/

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Have you looked at the menu Text > Capitalization > Small Caps? Just type your text normally, select it, and choose that option.

Or, if you want to use Text Styles, have a look at the settings available under Typography, Capitals:


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