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cpt-city color ramps

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Update, found a method and thought I'd make a quick tutorial to share with others, you can find it in the forum thread here or in the quote below:

Just now, melior64 said:

I recently saw this post by @ivanozzo sharing a great resource for gradients and colour ramps, but I couldn't figure out how to easily use the eyedropper tool with the gradient in order to copy them into Affinity Photo.

After a long time playing around, eventually I sussed it out - so here's a tutorial for anyone else who needs this!


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Nice tutorial @melior64

But it can be easier if you copy the gradient image from the site, and use the option File > New from clipboard.

With this, you've got a file of the same larger as the gradient, you only need to enlarge you canvas' height to add a fill layer below. This way, you'll be able to easily pick the colours where they change.

Once you've got a file, you just need to paste another gradient at the top and modify the gradient.


Another tip with the gradient tool: don't use the gradient panel, but the Gradient tool and draw your gradient on the fill layer (AP, or a rectangle in AD) from left to right. You can add dots for colours on your gradient at the right position and pick the colour once the dot is selected.


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Nice! And an interesting point is we don't need to switch to the colour picker to pick a colour, we just need to click in the image! :)

But we need the gradient panel to adjust middle point in gradients like the one in my previous post.

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On 8/21/2019 at 11:16 AM, melior64 said:

Is there a quick method for importing gradient images like these?

Hi, thanks for sharing this tutorial.

My workflow:

1) I generally read the stops and colors values from the .c3g file


2) I set-up the gradient tool with stop positions and colors (I generally use that in the adjustment)

3) I register a macro that applies this gradient

4) I add the macro to the Library (maybe inside a category, for example Hillshade):


But as you can see we don't have the gradient preview in this way.

Few days ago I've also created two excel files with all the gradients (using a Python script) from the cpt-city package (http://soliton.vm.bytemark.co.uk/pub/cpt-city/pkg/


But, I don't know if I can share these files in this forum, due to a license problem (each author has its own license)

Improvements we need for the adjustment gradient tool:

- The possibility to add float values in the stops.

- The possibility to insert opacity for each color

- The possibility to import gradients from  .cpt, svg ecc... 




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It's not possible, but it would be nice to be able to save gradient maps and load gradients in gradient maps!

You should ask this in the features' part of the forum.

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