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Problem with exported PDF files, outlines go blank or to boxes

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Hi guys, 

Affinity Designer ( Latest Version ) Macbook pro 2018.

So I am making labels for a meat factory in Iceland. I noticed a problem when i exported the project ( PDF for print ) The outlines go missing. The print factory head designer called me and told me that he just got boxes instead of perfectly shaped outlines. 

I have pictures that show, 

The project how it looks and with "outline view mode".

and a photo after export and with "outline view mode"


The printing factory wants to see the outlines to make sure that the printers will not make mistakes. 


I have tried all the things I know, exporting with different settings, making everything as curves, and blablabla. 

Please tell me how to fix this :) 






Límmiði ekki í lagi.PNG

Límmiði í lagi.PNG

Útlínur í lagi.PNG

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Hi Geirsson24,

As far as I'm aware strokes don't appear in outline view in Designer I'm afraid.



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