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Question about blend ranges and blend modes.

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I made the following picture from sequence of 2 bird flying.48332111386_7bae148cf1_k.thumb.jpg.7ed8d4f9a414773dcc754ea5e3bd943f.jpg

I used rectangular marquee tool + Select-Smooth to blend them a little better to the picture, just to show that autofocus is working.

Is there a way to use blend ranges or blend modes to get faster/better blending?, I am total noob with using them.


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Hi iHarri,

Welcome to the forums :)

Could you please upload a copy of your .afphoto file so I can offer advice specific to this image? Thanks in advance!

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Thanks for that, please see the below screen recording showing the best method I found for this specific piece, it certainly helps to blend the 'halos' around each bird, however it also does remove some of the white/contrast from the wings of the birds, so you might need to try various adjustments after blending to make sure you're happy with the image composition - I hope this helps!

PS. Your work is incredible, I'm certainly jealous of the landscapes you have access to!

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