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CJ Randolph

Node Tool, Click+RightMouse is mechanically difficult

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When using the Node Tool, the bottom information line lists "Click+RightMouse to smooth node," but it feels needlessly difficult to accomplish. The user must either click+rightclick perfectly simultaneously, or rightclick and hold then left click. Unfortunately, rightclicking first (which would be easier) brings up the rightclick menu, which blocks then blocks the cursor from targeting the intended node. Meanwhile, attempting to click at the same time is finicky; if the user clicks either mousebutton even slightly before the other, it doesn't work. Either of two changes could improve usability here: setting the rightclick menu to appear on button release rather than on click, or allowing the combination leftclick and hold + rightclick to do it.

I hope that made sense. I've been up all night and I'm kind of punchy.

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Every click combination that involves left AND right mouse button at the same time should be changed! (There are a few others, like resizing the brush in AP, moving an object by it's origin in AD, or toggling "intersect with selection marquee"). Requested this a long time ago already.

Worse, when using a Wacom tablet, working the left mouse button (which is a tap with the pen tip) and right MB (can be on the rocker switch) together, becomes a fumble fest.

On top of that, the sequence of which mouse button has to be released first plays a role, too! (The fact that interactive zoom is only invoked by SPACE+CTRL, not vice versa, has been criticized numerous times).

I really don't understand why Affinity sticks so stubbornly to nonsense like that, bright as they are most places. Especially when it would be such a simple fix.


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This is a Windows-specific issue and is a result of the fact that Windows has one fewer modifier key than the Mac.  On the Mac they do use a modifier key for this, but on Windows there are not enough to go around.

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