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I signed up for some quick freelance work for a friend’s game... Made a few inventory items of sort, but using the iPad instead of the usual PC setup.

Figured some stuff:

  • Layer management becomes really troublesome when the number of layers/shapes increases. So I opted to separate each items as different files.
    • Pro: Numbers of shapes and layers are manageable
    • Con: you’ll have to open each files and then export all manually one by one.
    • I wish there’s a batch export from the project preview (same as the screenshot)
  • Ran into some trouble exporting assest as SVG. I realized that layer blending mode weren’t supported yet. Those with blending mode are rasterized upon export as svg.
    • These assets will be exported in different dimension to be used in-game. It’s very tedious to do that in affinity designer for iPad... so i’d like the exported assets to be in vector and compatible with different vector softwares out there. I use figma.com to setup and automate image processing.
    • Had to remove all blending modes and had to rely on fill opacity instead. They’re not a lot so it’s fine.
  • Line weight tool is a favorite of mine... it gets annoying when i reach a number of nodes.
    • Even the apple pencil is having a hard time with it.
    • i wish there are other ways to manage line weight for complex shapes.

Otherwise, I had a blast making these. The sketch to finish workflow is very streamlined.



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