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Hi there!

It might be me missing something, but I am in trouble to allign two elements centered:

1. Create a new document.
2. Place a photo in the background and switch to photo persona afterwards.
3. Apply a gaussian blur (live filter) to it and move the filter in the layers panel on top of the photo.
4. Create a text box and type some text.
5. Create a solid rectangle of any colour below the text but on top of the blur filter.
6. Right-click on the rectangle and select "mask to below" in the context menu.
7. Switch back to publisher persona and move the text box to a different position.
8. Select the text box as well as the clipped blur filter and apply "allign center" and "align middle".

Unfortunately both text and clipped blur filter end up positioned randomly on the page (see video).


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The mask is using all the width and height of your image.

You need to align the rectangle and the text first, and add the blur after this*.


* Or clip the rectangle on the mask after aligning it with the text.

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