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Import vector from Illustrator incorrect

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Hello everyone,

I just found the Affinity Designer software, and I thought of giving it a shot.

Very nice and fast.


I am currently using Adobe Illustrator software to produce scientific figures from mass spectrometry data. The way I am doing it is importing the mass spectrometry spectra through a scientific software, pasting the spectra (vector) to an new illustrator page. Then I am adjusting the figure according to my needs. An example of this file is attached (as pasted from the scientific software).


However, I have noticed that importing the Illustrator file to the Affinity Designer software there are some issues:


1. All lines of the spectrum as well as the axes of the figure cannot be seen. I have to select each part of the spectrum (some not easy cause I have to find exactly the line) and axes (basically everything) and adjust the stroke to a colour and of certain stroke in order to see the spectrum. Otherwise, I can only see the text.


2. The imported text is not imported correctly. In Illustrator it appears (but easily fixed) to be a gap between each character number. However, when clicking on the kerning (no matter when I select, auto or optical) the text corrects to normal. When I import the same file in the Affinity Designer, there is a space (as an extra character) between each number character, which requires to remove it manually.


Would it possible to fix the above?

Many thanks.





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Hi Aristarxos,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

I advise you to try the Beta version. There's some improvements that may already have fixed those issues.

Just remember to keep the Mac App Store version installed since it's needed to run the Beta without time restrictions.

Also note that files created or saved with the Beta may not open correctly in the MAS version, since some features/improvements will only be available after the next MAS update.


[EDIT] The text is still coming with spaces. I've raised this issue with one of the developers to see if this can be improved further.

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First I should say that we only interpret the PDF stream of .ai files. We can't read the Illustrator data because it is a closed propriety format.


1. It looks like the file is using zero-width lines. The PDF spec recommends against these. Nominally they are supposed to be the thinnest lines we can draw, which is very thin indeed because Designer is a vector app. In the Beta version that MEB linked to, they are given a bit more thickness so you can see them, which I think fixes the problem.


2. It seems the extra whitespace between characters is present in the file. When opened in the Beta, our rendering looks almost identical to Illustrator's. The PDF is positioning characters individually, so there is neither space nor kerning in the file. Essentially I don't think our interpretation is incorrect, even if it's not what you wanted. I can only suggest you go back to the program that generated the file, and get it to generate the text without gaps.

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